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Description : On a high mountain, there's a town where a sculpture of a tiger's head is located in a holy shrine. Local people go there to worship the idol and count on. The center of the town is ruled by Jayae and Laikhan, two leaders from two rival local tribes. While the two tribes are fighting for control of the town, the mountain suddenly collapses. In the ensuing chaos, a mysterious man appears from the town's wreckage. The Shrine Watcher lies to everyone and says that the man who emerged from the wreckage is the man that Jayae had prayed would be sent by the tiger god. The man, Loatong, receives gold and trust from the town's leaders. When he decides to help a girl from another tribe, Loatong becomes a target of both tribes.

Starcast : Michael B., Bin Bunluerit and Ekapun Bunluerit

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Releaser Info :
Release Date :
1st Dec 2005
Genre :
Action | Fantasy
Duration :
1hr 40mins
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0.18 (28 Votes)

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