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Muscle Heat (2002) (HiNDi) 3GP - DVD
(Demandable 3GP)

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Description : In the year 2009 , Joe Jinno, a Navy SEAL who is court martialed for disobeying orders, is sent to Tokyo to assist Det. Aguri Katsuragi stop the distribution of the illegal drug known as Blood Heat. After an attempt to stop the drug lord Rai Kenjin fails, Katsuragi ends up in Kenjin's arena of death, the Muscle Dome, and loses against Kenjin's #1 fighter, Lee. Joe wants to seek revenge and needs the help of Katsuragi's sister Akane and Ken, a young underground rebel whose father was one a victim of Kenjin and the Muscle Dome, to exact revenge for Aguri and stop the circulation of Blood Heat.

Starcast : Kane Kosugi, Sh Aikawa and Masaya Kat

Muscle.Heat.(2002).DVDRip.Hindi-TeCHGuRU-1.3gp [ 1038 Downloaded ]
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Releaser Info :
Release Date :
26th October 2002
Genre :
Action | Adventure
Duration :
1hr 29mins
Size :
85 mb
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0.06 (17 Votes)

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