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Hellbinders (2009) (HiNDi) 3GP - DVD
(Demandable 3GP)

Users Rating : 0.05 (21 Votes)
Description : A supernatural battle for souls plays out on the streets with lots of guns and knives...

Starcast : Ray Park, Johnny Yong Bosch and Esteban Cueto

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Releaser Info :
Release Date :
September 20009
Genre :
Action | Fantasy | Horror
Duration :
1hr 25mins
Size :
Rate This Movie :
0.05 (21 Votes)

Comments Section
Tian=>there was no legitimate story to begin with what the **** are you talnkig about? people get complex storyline for movies like inception you think they won't get the story for ra one? huge srk fan but, i won't lie and say i loved the movie. special effects were great but, story was dumb.

Habib=>I've been using the Rosetta Stone Hindi program meylsf, and it's been very helpful. I've tried to teach meylsf in the past from books, but they all want you to learn the script system by the second or third chapter, which was discouraging. The Rosetta Stone program gets you a little further alo



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