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Description : Almost every university boy of Punjab considers himself to be a cool dude. But through out student life no one has been able to figure out that why such a dude appears harsh-rude to beautiful college girls. But Rajveer (Jimmy Shergill) is a different boy, to all the boys, goes for only one girl, fights with almost all the boys, And now he thinks that he has got everything in this world, but what he doesn't have is real love. Which he gets from Seerat (Neeru Bajwa), a smart girl who sees Rajveer beating boys up with a hockey stick. Their worlds collide when they are arranged to marry eachother. But what Rajveer doesn't know is that Seerat goes out with Nihaal (Gippy Grewal). But as Seerat knows what type of guy Rajveer is, she spreads the word and their marriage cancels. He then changes his ways. She then is about to marry Nihaal, but when Rajveer finds out, he crashes into the wedding, forgetting he has changed, and starts beating Nihaal up. They start a fight, and when Nihaal submits, he and Seerat express their love to eachother and get married. The film ends with a song at Rajveer and Seerat's wedding.

Starcast : Jimmy Shergill, Neeru Bajwa, Gippy Grewal, Bhotu Shah, Kake Shah, Amar Noorie, Jaswinder Bhalla, Sunita Dhir , Shavinder Mahal

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16 July 2010
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0.65 (188 Votes)

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ankush jaat kuwara=>i love u movie jo movie may sin ya rol hai whi mayre life may chale rhay hai

api=>Qdd cruel intension 3

kshanbhar visranti full movie=>Marathi picture



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