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Description : The story revolves around the central edifice in this movie, a 100-year-old dam built by the British during their colonial days in India. Like a dam, each character in this movie holds back their emotions for various reasons. Eventually the dam breaks along with that of its characters, drawing the audience to a gripping climax. The number 999 has great importance in British Colonial Indian history.The 999 represent "999-year lease agreement on the control of Mullai Periyar Dam to the Government of Tamilnadu made during erstwhile British colonial rule". The story reveals the concealed truth of India's age-old myths and science. This Plot is enhanced true to life due to 2D to 3D conversion.The 3D technology and support was given by Rays Magna 3D...

Starcast : Joshua Fredric Smith, Vinay, Megha Burman

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25th November 2011
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1hr 50mins
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160 mb
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