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Chaurahen (Crossroads) (2012) - DVD
(Bollywood Avi)

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Description : Chaurahen - Crossroads is an evocative and poignant composition consisting of three separate stories set in three different cities in contemporary India. Each revolves around love, life, and loss. The first story enters straight into the heart of Farooq and Ira's relationship in Mumbai. Farooq remains troubled by his own inability to let go of the memories of his dead parents in his ancestral which he continues to occupy and use as the disturbing muse for his own writing. So deeply ensconced in being haunted by his own past, Farooq appears incapable of fully living in the present, to the extent to which he proves powerless in responding to the possibility of sharing true love.

Starcast : Soha Ali Khan,Zeenat Aman, Victor Banerjee and Kiera Chaplin

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16th March 2012
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1hr 24mins
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120 mb
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